H-MAN – Latest Addition to Robotics Rehabilitation 

H-MAN, is our first product for sensorimotor assessment and training of arm (upper-limb). It is designed to improve the productivity of therapists without compromising on the quality of training and offers an economical, compact, easy to use solution for semi-independent use by patients at home or at community centres. Maximizing learning and decreasing the steps for getting back to independent life.



Enhanced Productivity – Be More Productive at Work with Less Effort
Adaptive algorithm integrated into H-Man enables the robot to automatically adapt difficulty of tasks without constant monitoring of therapist. This allows therapists to supervise multiple patients at one time and focus on non-monotonous tasks without adding a significant burden.
Continuous Health Monitoring – Assessment, Without the Hassle.
H-Man is integrated with sensors to constantly monitor patients performance. The information is used to derive quantitive knowledge of patients performance which can be provided back to the user or therapist.

Compact and Portable –A Solution for Integration
Aside from low cost, H-Man is designed to be a compact tabletop setup to address the limited space conditions in most hospitals and community centres. We apply the same philosophy to our pipeline of technology solutions.

Providing Feedback 
Like a clinician, H-MAN is able to provide feedback to the patient about performance and informs the clinician with detailed reports on the recovery progress.