Articares selected as finalists in the Healthcare InnoMatch 2021

SINGAPORE – Articares, a Singapore-based company pioneering intelligent rehabilitation solutions, is thrilled to introduce ReHandyBot, an innovative robot designed for sensorimotor hand and wrist therapy.

Developed in close partnership with the Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory (RELab) at ETH Zurich and Clinica Hildebrand Centro di riabilitazione Brissago, Switzerland, this new product is the result of over 15 years of advanced research on revolutionising technology-based hand rehabilitation.

Expanding on a decade of success with the internationally recognised H-Man, an arm rehabilitation robot developed in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University and Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), Articares extends its upper limb rehabilitation suite with the launch of ReHandyBot.

ReHandyBot offers gamified therapy programs tailored to the unique needs of patients recovering from conditions such as stroke or orthopaedic injury affecting upper limb function. It automatically adapts to the individual’s progress, and monitors improvement.
in real-time.

“By providing advanced haptic feedback, ReHandyBot enables patients to feel and manipulate virtual objects. This unique approach can simulate a wide range of daily activities, which is essential for regaining hand and wrist function.” says Prof. Roger Gassert of ETH Zurich.

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