Medical robot specialists Articares and Life Science Robotics ApS (LSR) announces their strategic partnership

Medical robot specialists LSR, the company behind ROBERT®, an innovative rehabilitation robot focusing on early mobilization of the lower extremities and Articares, the company behind H-Man, the world`s first truly portable clinically validated arm rehabilitation robot, announced a strategic partnership which will initially focus on the distribution of Robert® to Articares network in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The Robert from LSR is an innovative rehabilitation robot focusing on active resistive and assistive mobilization of the lower extremities. ROBERT® is installed in leading neuro-rehabilitation centers, spinal cord centers, rehabilitation centers and clinics in large municipalities in Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia and USA.

“We are excited for this strategic partnership with LSR to further enrich our market offerings in Austria, Germany and Switzerland,” said Michael Frank, CCO of Articares. “Together with Keld Thorsen and his team, we will also work towards exploring new markets and future joint technological development, furthering our vision to bring quality rehabilitation within everyone’s reach.

LSR`s CEO, Keld Thorsen states: “Both technologies deliver a most efficacious active and functional training to accelerate the patient’s return to autonomy.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the distribution of the Robert® device will be handled by Articares in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Together, we will be stronger to serve the needs of our clients with a range of complementary products“.

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